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About Us


La Grignote Cafe was a love story from its inception and today the cafe is a reflection of all the love, sweat and determination by the hands that molded it!  


It all began… with a serendipitous Easter Sunday encounter. Fast forward a month later after having French baking lessons passed down mixed with European family traditions incorporated, La Grignote is owned by Katie, who derives from Midwest roots and Southern Hospitality and Denis, a freshwater conch hailing all the way from Siberia!  

Denis’s dream was always having his own restaurant since he was a child and now he’s living that reality! He came to sunny Key West all the way from snowy Siberia in 2010 not speaking a word of English. After initially arriving in the US, he spent a brief time in Myrtle Beach before heading down to Key West where he started working his way up through the ranks of hospitality. Beginning as a houseman he eventually transitioned into the Food & Beverage world starting as a dishwasher. He then worked in various restaurants throughout his career holding different positions while earning his stripes. Eventually, he went on to become the Director of Restaurants for one of the largest Marriott resorts on the island where he worked for eleven years. After ice climbing in Alaska, deep sea scuba diving, coast-to-coast motorcycle tripping and other crazy experiences fate intervened and Denis was introduced to Katie at a friend’s wedding in Michigan in 2019.


After the chance encounter Katie made her way to Key West saying goodbye to the Lone Star State of Texas after 8 years of saying y’all! Hailing from Michigan originally Katie was struck with wanderlust from a young age seeking to travel the world and then some while having amazing experiences along the way! After graduating from the University of Michigan, (GO BLUE) she worked in travel and sales for twelve years in many capacities such as coordinating university study abroad students, managing corporate business travel to business development for the top selling small group tour operator. This navigated her around the world visiting more than 40 countries and 38 US states all the while hiking over 500 miles, developing a love for food and culture, learning to conquer her fear of water and inspiring others to go and see the world at large.


Katie & Denis’s dream together was manifesting a space to showcase their passion for community, cuisine, travel and unique influences. They were able to mold these dreams into action and bring them to life at La Grignote! Our mantra is making everyone feel welcome, spreading the love of food and culture and ensuring each dish and pastry is made from scratch with high quality ingredients while waking up to the roosters in the morning as our alarm clock!​La Grignote Cafe is recognized as one of the best bakeries and restaurants alike by the local Key West community as well as by the frequent tourist crowds. And as the name of the restaurant stands for;

Enjoy all of the “NIBBLES”​

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